an offline gathering for peer-to-peer conspirators artists and estranged developers

three speakers will elaborate on the topic of mesh networks a saturday afternoon in late october

after the talks there will be food to enjoy at self-cost while we chat our way into the evening


a weblike pattern or construction
to be in or bring into harmony
a mesh network (or meshnet) is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible and cooperate with one another


Zenna Fiscella (@thezelf)

anarchist maker

scuttlebutt and a decentralized future

a talk on scuttlebutt and how it can be transformative for society, decentralizing and enabling local community development free of big corp. scuttlebutt is a fast growing decentralized social network. as an alternative to the large corporate social networks it enables autonomy for the users and a free zone from big data harvesting.

Mathias Buus (@mafintosh)

protocol lead at datproject

exploring the p2p web

how is exploring the p2p web going to feel like in practice? how do search engines and things like that work? showing how things are today by showcasing some of the fun and weird stuff that's already out there.

Emil Bay (@emilbayes)

open source hacker

trust and secure communications in p2p systems

peer to peer networks present interesting challenges beyond the classic internet. this talk will cover why cryptography is central to all p2p networks, different modes of communication, their properties and present the node.js module 'noise-peer' as a modular solution to the varied communication and trust scenarios present in p2p networks.


please RSVP at this link. this allows the cooks to make the right amount of food for people to buy at self-cost after the talks


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